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A Bit About 26 Sorts

The 26 Sorts Workspace

Creativity is among my highest values. Whether its been pairing leopard tights with rain boots in my teens, or walking down the aisle to Sigur Ros at my wedding - I have definitely lived life to my happily unique beat.

I began teaching myself graphic design for fun while I completed a degree in Business Marketing. After finishing at University I married my best friend, who happens to be a web and graphic designer. We had a blast designing our wedding, being sure to include a lot of fun and quirky touches. We designed our own wedding stationery in oranges, corals, and mint - seated our bridal party on vintage couches and chairs - and served a donut buffet for dessert.

It was around that time that I realized that I have a passion for graphic design and a love for all things unique in a wedding! I set out to combine these passions with my business degree. I headed back to school to brush up my graphic skills and launched 26 Sorts soon after!

What's with the name? Here is a short and sweet explanation: In printing, a "sort" is the name of an individual piece of type. When creating with type there are 26 unique sorts to choose from!